With the weather cooling down it’s time to warm up with soups. And without wanting to lose the crunch and nutrition of a summer salad I think I’ve found the perfect thing. And it’s delicious I’ve made it three times this week already. The beauty of this recipe is you don’t have much cleaning up to do because the soup is made in the bowl it’s served in.

So step one is to choose a good-sized noodle bowl. If you don’t have any it’s worth investing in one as you will want to make this soup often. Check out an asian grocer for a good range.


Step two is to break off the required rice noodles to fill the bottom of your bowl. This can be done by twisting the noodle stick until they break. Bean thread vermicelli can also be used, though you will get a slightly different texture.


Then add two flat teaspoons of Massel gluten free stock powder per bowl.


And a teaspoon of this amazing garlic from The Food Company.


Next fry up some onions and once browned put to the side.

Now add thinly sliced seasonal vegies. Carrot, snowpeas, cabbage, red capsicum and mushrooms. Put them into the bowl without cooking.

Now top ingredients with boiling water and put a plate over the top of the bowl to allow your vegies and noodles to soften. In about five minutes your soup is ready.

Pre-soaked shitake mushrooms and ready made tofu can also be added.

Add fried onions and chopped fresh herbs (coriander is nice) to the top and serve with chilli to taste. 🙂 You can also add some garlic oil that you might like to prepare prior, but it’s not essential.

So fresh and healthy. I’m really into this soup.

Note: this recipe can be made for one or fifty (if you have enough bowls) so if you have more people just add more bowls and start layering them up with veggies. The amount you have is up to you, but I wouldn’t fill the bowl too high. 😉

Add a squeeze of lemon juice at the end too.