Does organic really taste better? This is a favourite recipe of mine that I have never made 100% organic until now. It is also free from oil and salt. How can that be good? Well I hope it is because I’m making it for some friends.

Organic French lentils 250gms
Small handful of thyme
Organic corn
Organic mushrooms
Organic tomatoes
Organic pumpkin
Organic basil
Organic thyme to sprinkle on top

Boil lentils and thyme for 25 mins then
strain and put in a medium sized bowl with a small tin of organic tomatoes, fresh raw organic corn, fresh raw organic mushrooms sliced finely and a small handful of fresh sliced organic basil. Mix well and then put mixture into a baking dish and press firmly.

Boil organic pumpkin on stove for 30 mins I used two types of pumpkin to increase flavour. Mash pumpkin. Water content is quite high so you don’t need to add anything.

Spoon heaped spoons of mash pumpkin on top of lentil mixture.





Run a fork over the top to make it look pretty!


Sprinkle with thyme and voila!


Bake in moderate oven for 20 minutes.